Key Business Benefits

  • Flexibility to sales team as workflows are associated with different page layouts hence sales team can automate CRM for their specific needs
  • Visualize sales performance real time to take better business decisions
  • Refined standardized processes to identify customer needs and recognize trends in data
  • Improved user satisfaction and efficiency caused by the elimination of repetitive, double-entry tasks

Esser Hayes Case Study – Integrating all Customer Touch Points for Consistent Service using Apptivo CRM

Esser Hayes is a large, regional insurance agency located in Naperville, Illinois providing business, home, personal, and health insurances for customers at regional and national level.


Esser Hayes needed a central system to get a clear picture of the relationship with clients and other contacts. The solutions that they have been using earlier did not provide them a centralized client information from various sources including Outlook address books, central contacts, formulating silos across the business.

Missing standard business process

Esser Hayes website displays the insurance products they sell. People interested in buying insurance from them can provide their contact details such as email address, contact number etc in a webform embedded in their website.

Esser Hayes gathered information from multiple sources such as agents, website, or through referral hence did not give them a single view of the customer. This impacted multiple areas from customer service to agent management. Customer details from multiple sources are used to strategize marketing activities to generate business opportunities.

Esser receives email from customers enquiring about the products and they wanted to integrate these emails with the sales people’s calendar in a CRM. There are different insurance products that they sell; hence the information of each customer will be different. Esser Hayes wanted to view customer information in an organized manner.

Inability to monitor sales performance and analyze data

Esser Hayes wanted to monitor the sales pipeline at different stages. Also, they were unable to analyze the lead that they have won and lost. The scenario required visualizing the sales performance.

They wanted a standard method to integrate all the marketing process to better analyze and generate more revenue. The scenario made them approach Apptivo. After evaluating the solution provided by Apptivo they decided to implement the solution.


Apptivo has a popular and widely accepted CRM solution that has many apps which can seamlessly integrate with the customers’ existing solutions. Business Analyst from Apptivo analyzed the requirements in detail and provided a solution which has CRM apps such as Leads, Contacts, Customer, Opportunities, Sales Planning, Employee and Teams to solve the challenges.

Business Process Integration

Apptivo Contacts app stores the prospect information gathered from the website and various sources. Apptivo CRM manages the contact data and sales team can use this to make make outbound sales calls, send sales emails and other marketing activities. Lead-> Contacts->Customer->Opportunities->Sales Planning has been integrated with a standard workflow process to improve efficiency in the sales process. Also, the marketing team has access to the prospect and customer information. All the backend processes have been linked to show the information in the dashboard.

Even the Outlook connect, Gmail have been synced with the CRM to ensure everybody has the updated information to work with at all times. CRM Outlook integration allows employees to quickly update the company calendar with their appointments. A seamless integration with email and calendar enables sales team to schedule appointments without any time conflicts.

Different layouts and views designed by Apptivo eases team to manage data of different customers who buy insurances. The contact can be viewed as a list by directory, by category. Similarly, a different page layout has been designed to view customer information. They can view data segregated by category and status. This enabled them to have a organized view at the customer data.

Dashboard Views

Visualizations in Apptivo CRM are graphical display of grid data, presented in the form of charts that provides a clear view to help company spot current trends and monitor other valuable metrics. Charts automatically update to reflect the filtering done on the data in the specific grid that the chart is derived from. Apptivo Dashboard enables to drill down into the grid data and view the actual records that comprise the chart. Now, Esser Hayes can interpret sales funnel, sale performance, pipeline by stage, yearly sales pipeline, lead, loss, & win analysis.

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