Key Business Benefits

  • Role based privileges are set to access customer data
  • The new enhanced business process allowed CET’s employees to follow up with all the prospects and helped in increasing the sales
  • Avoid re-entering data across systems as opportunities are converted into quotes, and invoices
  • Create and email invoice in less than a minutes
  • Maintain record of all calls, appointments scheduled and call outcomes

Improving CET Color’s business process and support using Apptivo CRM

CET Color is a printer manufacturing industry based out of United States. They build large-format
vacuum table Flatbed and Hybrid roll-to-roll/flatbed UV printers.


CET Color printers sells from their website. Interested buyers can submit their contact number,
email address in a web form. The submitted contact information will be sent to marketing/sales
team for further follow ups. Though they were using CRM to store information, the marketing and
sales activity were not linked. It took more time as there were many user interfaces they had to
use to know the prospect details. The link between the contacts, customers, leads, and
opportunity were missing.

Missing connect between contacts and lead

Though the submitted contact details entered were saved, the ability to create a lead
automatically using those details was not available in their past CRM. They had to be created
manually. Management was not able to view the contacts converted to lead and an opportunity
for sales from one app.

Limited visibility of business process

A high level process of prospect and the various stages of converting it to sales were missing in
the CRM. They were also not able to track the progress of lead conversion.

Unsecured data access

Business had different teams, resources and customer data. The data was accessible to all the
employees irrespective of their role. They wanted to change this and make customer data more
secure by restricting access to certain employees.

Incapable of capturing phone call queries

Prospects can also call CET Color to enquire about the printers; the CRM that they were using
couldn’t capture the call requests either. This had an effect on the quality of customer support.


Apptivo has a popular and widely accepted CRM solution that has many apps which can
seamlessly integrate with the customers’ existing solutions. Business Analyst from Apptivo
analyzed the requirements in detail and provided a solution that has CRM apps, Contacts,
Customers, Leads, Opportunity, Employees, and Financials to solve the challenges. The solution
suggested by Apptivo helped in managing their diverse processes and build a customer-centric

Connected business process

The lead information is stored as a contact. Steps have been designed to link leads and contacts
with every stage of the sales process. As soon as the prospect information is received, an email
will be sent to an employee.

Improved business process visibility

The solution has workflows to link leads and opportunities to track the progress of sales. Deals
can now go through different opportunity stages such as nurturing, quoting, follow-up, re-quoted
on hold. Before a deal is closed, CET Color team has options where they can have their data in
different sales stages. Now, management will have data on how many deals have been closed,
lost, and on-hold.Reports on sales team, employee performance can be tracked to monitor their

Secure Data

Authentication has been implemented to increase security of customer data. Employee roles and
authentication were built allowing only employees with permissions to access the customer data.

Automated Sales Lead Data Capture

Using Apptivo, they could now log calls and track them. The information gathered from the call is
automatically recorded as lead in Apptivo CRM and the notes taken by Sales team while
calling a prospect can be recorded as well.

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