When navigating the solution, each app follows a common structure. Along the top of the app you’ll see our “App Header Bar”, with links to navigate around, access app utilities, and search. Along the left side you’ll find our views and tools to create records, and tools to manage your data at the center of the app. See below for a description of each common component of an app.

By default the “Show All” menu would be the default campaigns dashboard. The default dashboard can be configured from Settings.

App Header Bar

Campaigns Home

The campaigns dashboard speaks about the people’s activity and enables you to filter the activities by their name. At once you click on the employee name from the drop down you are able to view all the related activities of selected name. And on the left the recent campaigns created by employees are displayed with the start date of the campaign.

Campaigns News Feed

Newsfeeds are nothing but the timeline happenings which is used to display the current activities of your employees. It displays all the campaign related activity, for the convenience you can filter the people’s activity by choosing their name.

  • At the top of the Newsfeed the field called Filter Feed by which the activity according to the selected name. Choose the employee name by clicking the drop down people, search the people using the search option in the drop down or else select the employee name you would like to view for.
  • You can type your own comments in what are you working on? Editor folio and post them. You can seek the News Feed by search Newsfeed above the post folio.

App Utilities

This is the app header bar that follows through every page, so you can easily redirect to home, notifications and settings.


It redirects to the homepage of the campaign. You can quickly view the recently created campaigns. It is used to offer a Newsfeed related to the Campaigns App. It also provides the link to the individual along with the integrated apps. This is due in part to the communal nature focusing all the integrated apps, as well as the ease of creation.



The campaign settings enables you to build campaign as per your requirements. This Settings provides you many configuration features that allows you to explore and customize your campaign, email templates, create privileges, enabling security and other integrated options.


Campaign is powered by the global notification system in apps. This system allows you to receive updates to your news feed as well as email updates for many different events that occurs within the app. Each employee can configure their own campaign notifications set up. Being a collection of methods that are often incorporated in many diverse settings in various ways, there are appointments, tasks, to-dos, call logs, Emails, documents and notes that are used to utilize the need of News Feeds and Email Feed for communication.


In some cases, you may want to be delete the campaigns which are no longer needed. Trash keeps track of all campaigns that are deleted, and can also be restored if needed.

Search campaigns

  • Simple Search
    Simple search allows you to search using a single search field located in the header bar. It takes one search string as input and displays the results.
  • Advanced Search
    If you are unable to get the desired result from the simple search, you can use an advanced search. With advanced search you’re able to find very specific groups of campaigns with the help of multiple search fields.

Left Navigation & Views

Create Campaigns

The campaigns can be created newly by entering the required information in the appropriate fields.

  • Create a new campaign – the campaign can be created newly by giving the particulars related to campaign.
  • Create a quick campaign – the quick campaigns can be created where it is not necessary to create a target list for each campaign.

Show All

It helps you to find all the campaigns created. By clicking on Show All, all the campaigns will be displayed, where you can have an overview of them.

View Campaigns by Directory

In Campaigns app, By Directory helps you to view any particular campaigns using alphabets or to view all campaigns by the help of “All” option which is located at the top of the directory.These are like filters, using which the appropriate campaigns can be viewed, by choosing an alphabet from the directory.

View Campaigns by Tags

These By Tags are used to filter the campaigns easily by their association. For an instance, you have created a tag with name “Summer Sale”. Now, the campaigns associated with this tag can be viewed by clicking on Summer Sale under By Tag.

My Views

A custom view is a feature that allows you to view campaigns information with preferred data fields. You can select the columns you would like to view and save it as a shortcut, displaying only the custom fields required.

Shared views

This is a feature which allows you to view the custom views created and shared by your employees.