Apptivo Campaigns allows you to design an email template, to attract people with different styles and background, using professionally planned and responsive Email Themes. This email themes ensures creating layouts with consistent look and feel.
Start by picking one of our basic free formats and make it your own in no time, using drag-and-drop editor.

There are two categories of email themes:

  • Standard – Standard Email Themes offers a gallery of default themes that you can easily customize.
  • Customized – Allows you to create your own theme accordingly.

We offer twenty-one default standard email themes under seven categories:

  • Newsletter – The Email Marketing Newsletter is an intense marketing and communication tool, that helps to build an unique association with your clients, embedding articles, reviews of products and many more.
  • Promotions – The Email Marketing Promotions are obviously a method to gain with new supporters, and assists in driving your business development.
  • Greetings – The Email Marketing Greetings makes you less robotic and more personal, giving you the additional edge where you can get to individuals in the entryway.
  • Product Reviews –
  • Feedback – The Email Feedbacks help in growing your business, by getting subjective feedback.
  • Welcome Letter – The Welcome Letter is designed to help your customers or recipients to get started in a friendly and effective manner.
  • Thank You – The Thank You enables you to perfectly express your gratitude on a deeper level.