Creating Email Templates

Email templates are the key for the purpose of sending emails in a predefined format without repeating the designing errands multiple times. Email templates permit to customize the email messages. This is useful for organizations to standardize their mails across the organization. It can also be used to increase the efficiency and professionalism of your business.
You can create an email template by two ways,

  1. New template
    • Enter the template name
    • Enter the subject manually or using insert attributes option.
    • Fill the body of the template. If you want to change it dynamically according to the recipients, you will use the insert attributes option which is located at the bottom right corner of the subject.
  2. Advanced template
    • Creating an email template from advanced template is the simplest method for inserting email theme in the template before creating it
    • Select the new or default theme
    • Enter the template name
    • Enter the subject manually or using insert attributes option
    • The selected theme will be displayed in the body of the template. Also, there are the options for edit, reorder, duplicate and remove the section.

Insert attribute in email templates

When creating an email template, you can insert the default attributes of objects found in Campaigns App which will dynamically change the values according to the records. These attributes are standard and also customized based on your requirement. It is preformatted and/or pre written email that you can replace with your own content so that you can quickly and easily write and create emails.

Insert Unsubscribe link in email template

Unsubscribe link allowed you to configure dynamically in email templates. You can insert the unsubscribe link in email template. The campaign emails that are sending using the configured email template will contain unsubscribe link, so recipients may opt-out from your mailing list in a single click.

Insert Social Information in email templates

While building the templates, you also have the option of inserting Social Media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.,to share your campaigns with the goal of reaching a wider group of onlookers.

Email themes for your account

Email Themes permit to design an email template according to your business requirement. These are used to attract the people with different styles & background. It can be categorized as Standard & Customized. Here, you can choose any theme for newsletter.

Apply email template to launch campaign

You can select the created template by its name from the template drop down while creating a new campaign or already created campaign. Once you have applied an email template in campaign, then you can launch it.