Ideas to Maintain Business Continuity During This COVID-19 Pandemic Using Portal

Posted on 1:34 am, June 30, 2020 by

Ideas to maintain business

We’re living in uncertain times with the widespread of the coronavirus pandemic, and a lot of companies are struggling to adjust their business plans to this fragile situation. Now that we have no way to initiate manual workarounds, the common misconception amongst entrepreneurs is that their business is purely gambling on luck. Many organizations haven’t…

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Apptivo – Small Business Planning During COVID-19

Posted on 7:20 am, June 29, 2020 by

Small Business Planning

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive disruption among small businesses globally, with around 43% of entrepreneurs closing their businesses temporarily. Over 64% are overoptimistic in believing that the crisis is momentary, and they would be able to reopen soon. However, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the true survival rates, which, unfortunately, maybe…

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How to Support Your Customers During Social Distancing

Posted on 5:11 am, June 24, 2020 by

Social distancing measures have stimulated a drastic change in customer behavior across the globe. With heightened public concerns, most customers remain wary of resuming their normal activities. The ‘lockdown response’ to the crisis has upended every aspect of businesses and dramatically altered the overall customer experience. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, social distancing…

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Apptivo Product Updates as of June 20, 2020

Posted on 11:23 pm, June 23, 2020 by

Welcome back to Apptivo Product Updates with a brand new list of features. We as a team in Apptivo work prominently to make our apps more beneficial to our customers. In this update, we have refurbished our Sign Up Page and Login Page, and some of the other existing features have also been enhanced extensively….

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5 Things To Do For Your Business During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on 8:12 am, June 22, 2020 by

As the world continues to grapple with the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales numbers are fluctuating, and the future of businesses feels uncertain. Against the widespread consequences of the spread of this global epidemic, the prevailing competitive conditions have taken the form of a ferocious competition in a growing number of business…

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Why Every Small Business Needs A CRM Software

Posted on 5:18 am, June 18, 2020 by

Customers and prospects are the most valuable assets of a business. ‘Everyone is getting a new CRM system. Well, then I should get one too’. You’ve taken the right decision, but have you ever wondered why CRM systems have drawn the attention of the entire business sector? You might have heard this word echoing in…

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Posted on 3:04 am, June 11, 2020 by

Failure Reasons

Be it a world-changing start-up idea or opening Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), you will undoubtedly come across the inevitable thought of failure. Starting a new business can be scary. If you’re not worried, you should be! According to statistics, about 20% of companies fail in the first year, and only about 33% cross the…

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Apptivo Product Updates as of June 06, 2020

Posted on 4:38 am, June 9, 2020 by

Product Update

Hello! We are ready with the next announcement of our Apptivo’s newest Product Updates for the month of June. Remarkably, we have launched a number of new applications including the All-new Sales Returns App and E-Commerce Portal. In addition, we have also added some exciting updates to our existing applications. Updates and Enhancements All-new Sales…

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7 Ways CRM Helps You Grow Your Business

Posted on 7:18 am, June 3, 2020 by

There is no denying that customer management software has gained increasing popularity owing to the development in technology. Companies around the globe have begun phasing out the conventional method of bookkeeping or spreadsheet management which had gained predominance in previous years. Nowadays, they have been brought down to a medium to store the data but…

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Posted on 6:24 am, June 1, 2020 by


The devastating impact of COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses is a daunting reality, so you need to act immediately to save your business from closing. According to a survey published by the National Small Business Association, two-thirds of small business owners are now anticipating a recession in the forthcoming months. About 80% of small enterprises…

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