Leveraging Cloud Suite of Business Apps in The Face of COVID-19 | Apptivo

Posted on 4:26 am, August 21, 2020 by

Companies that are thought to be future-ready have already coped with the disastrous alterations that COVID-19 had brought along with it. Businesses are joining hands with newer models to automate their businesses to adapt quickly to changes. The rapidly changing market is bringing with it a myriad of possibilities, too. If you are thinking about…

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Apptivo Product Updates as of August 17, 2020

Posted on 6:01 am, August 17, 2020 by

Featured Image

Software updates are very crucial to strengthen the stability and pave way for features that assist you with your business. However, the main objective behind these updates is to enhance the user experience. Apptivo has gone a step further to introduce features that not only improve the user experience but also meet the user’s expectations….

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5 Killer Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on 12:53 am, August 13, 2020 by

Today a lot of entrepreneurs complain that marketing doesn’t work or this strategy didn’t work, or that tactic didn’t work. Well, it’s really just because they were using the wrong tool to do the job. You need to strip down your entire marketing strategy and ensure that you’re focusing on the right things. Businesses run…

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How Data In Apptivo Can Help Battle COVID-19

Posted on 11:58 pm, August 9, 2020 by

COVID-19 is engulfing businesses across the globe and even the best of best can’t hold out against this outbreak. This global pandemic has significantly exacerbated and if you don’t want to surrender your business to this epidemic, integrating your business with an analytics tool is indispensable. Integrating your business with Apptivo, you can leverage your…

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The Unbearable Slowness Of Sustainability – Apptivo Response

Posted on 1:28 am, August 6, 2020 by

The current global situation is deeply unsettling for entrepreneurs who are faced with overwhelming and competing challenges as they continue to navigate the catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak has disrupted supply chains and roiled markets, threatening businesses across the globe. COVID-19 is spreading globally and has wide-ranging impacts on the business sector….

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Apptivo Product Updates as of August 03, 2020

Posted on 9:08 am, August 3, 2020 by

Good Day! Welcome to Apptivo’s latest product update for the month of August. In this release cycle, we have introduced a new application “Advanced Shipment Notice” to send the pre-notice for your shipment. Let’s go through the short notes of our other updates. Updates and Enhancements All-New Advanced Shipment Notice App Sort Ranges in the…

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What is a Milestone in Project Management?

Posted on 11:57 pm, July 29, 2020 by

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With a steady rise in the number of businesses, the trend is changing with the focus shifted to small and medium businesses. This pragmatic shift has turned the spotlight on entrepreneurs who are more “Business Ready” than ever to take over projects. Businesses are looking for a one-stop cloud application offering CRM, Invoicing, and Project…

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Opportunities and Productivity Measures in a Post-COVID World

Posted on 5:21 am, July 28, 2020 by

COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Not only are SMEs suffering from the repercussions, but bigger names in the market have not been spared either. What can be done at such times to turn the table? The answer is: work smartly and take advantage of the situation. Because there is no need…

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Apptivo Mobile Release Updates as of July 25, 2020 – Windows All-In-One Mobile App: v6.4.7.0

Posted on 7:31 am, July 27, 2020 by

Hello! We are ready to offer you a couple of enhancements made to lessen your daily routine! We are happy to announce the newest Windows Apptivo All-in-One App build version To enhance your business, we have made some upgrades in this release. Let’s take a quick glance at short notes of the updates. Apptivo…

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