5 Must-Have Sales Applications To Boost Your Remote Sales

Posted on 5:53 am, September 18, 2020 by

As a sales representative, there are numerous tasks that one has to take up. It gets more troublesome when you have to perform the same duties when working remotely, not having access to office supplies and systems. Thinking of you, we brought a solution to put your work-related worries to rest. With Apptivo’s Sales CRM,…

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5 Effective Ways To Optimize Your Sales

Posted on 5:59 am, September 17, 2020 by

5 Effective Ways To Optimize Your Sales

1. What is Sales Optimization? 2. How Apptivo Can Help Optimize Your Sales Interactions And Close More Deals 3. Few more sales optimization strategies 4. The Final Step Most of us have heard that CRM tools are the best ways to get more business, and increase profits. We have heard how CRMs are customizable and…

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What Makes Apptivo a Best CRM System

Posted on 5:58 am, September 17, 2020 by

Feature Image

CRM software plays an important part in most of the businesses across the globe. The traditional method of taking notes, bookkeeping, and managing customer relations on several files offline are now time-consuming. Companies are looking to store all data and stats in a cloud that is easily accessible and retrievable. However, How far are businesses…

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Key Integrations To Enhance Your Operations With Apptivo

Posted on 7:11 am, September 11, 2020 by

Working remotely has been declared as the new normal for the working population. The world was very quick to adapt to this new norm as it dealt with the pandemic. Not only has working remotely brought businesses back to their routine, but also given many health benefits. Working from home has reduced the number of…

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Post-COVID – Why CRM Software Is The Best Tool?

Posted on 12:33 am, September 10, 2020 by

The coronavirus outbreak has wreaked havoc around the world, causing the most damage to small businesses. While the bigger names in the industry have not been spared either, smaller firms had to bear the brunt of complete lockdown in multiple nations. The only solution in these times was that of working from home. But with…

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Apptivo Product Updates as of September 07, 2020

Posted on 7:00 am, September 7, 2020 by

Good Day! Welcome to the latest edition of Apptivo’s product updates. Some of the key features have been further enhanced to boost the user experience. In order to support your business and make your work simplified, Apptivo has added another feather to its cap by incorporating Google Maps integration. In addition, other applications have also…

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Managing Your SMB Post COVID Using Apptivo

Posted on 5:57 am, September 3, 2020 by

To deal with the post COVID situation, you have to build an organization that is immune to adversities. With proper solutions in place, and a team ready to tackle sudden changes, you can face any challenges head-on. A strong and immune organization comes from effectively utilizing your resources and putting in place time-saving and useful…

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Apptivo Mobile Release Updates as of August 25, 2020 – iOS All-In-One Mobile App: v6.2.6

Posted on 5:23 am, August 25, 2020 by

Featured Image

Mobile applications play a key role in accessing vital information and ensuring the smooth running of your business from anywhere. Apptivo has released significant updates for its iOS platform. We are extremely thrilled to reveal the latest features of our All-In-One iOS application. Let us take a tour of the features! Apptivo – All-In-One iOS…

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5 Hacks To Maximize Your Productivity At Work Using Apptivo

Posted on 4:42 am, August 24, 2020 by

Increasing productivity has always been the prime goal of employers. Bigger companies hire HRs and motivational speakers to achieve this seemingly difficult task. While some are successful, it does not come with a guarantee of a fool-proof increment in productivity rates of the workers. So, as an SME what can you do? The answer is…

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