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With the most integrated business tool in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Apptivo & Google Apps Working for You

Google apps is a cloud based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere.


Apptivo & Google Apps makes running your business more efficient, by integrating various applications you use every day. Apptivo makes it simple to keep all you Google Apps data in sync.

What are Customers Saying?

  • “I’ve had my Apptivo account for a few months now and have had a great experience. It is easy to work with and all of my info is in one place with no reentry needed”– Tommy Norman

  • “The contact sharing tool is what sold me initially. I don’t want to enter contact details in multiple places and Apptivo makes that possible…”– Devan Robertson

  • “I just picked this up on the off-chance, and immediately fell in love. The support is fantastic and the setup wizard for the CRM module made setup easy.”– Josh Finch


Get the tools you need to empower your business

IMAP Email

Apptivo allows you to seamlessly integrate your Google email with Apptivo’s CRM. All incoming and outgoing emails can be associated to a contact, lead, customer or opportunity. This helps you track all emails communicated between you and a contact.

Google Drive

Sync your Google Drive with the Apptivo Documents App. Add Google Docs to an object in Apptivo, such as a contact, customer, project, etc. Google Doc sharing rules do apply to all documents that are shared within Apptivo.

Task Sync

Tasks in Google can be synced with your tasks in Apptivo. It’s as simple as that. Two-way sync between the tasks. As you add a task in Google, it will be added in Apptivo and vice versa. Never forget a task again, whether you’re in Apptivo or Google.

Contact Sharing

Sharing contacts with those inside your domain has never been simpler. Apptivo provides a two-way sync between Google and Apptivo. Meaning, anytime you add a contact in Google, it will be added into Apptivo and vice versa.

Calendar Sync

Never forget an appointment again. Keep track of your upcoming appointings in both Google Calendar and Apptivo. Like contact sharing, this is a two-way sync. Appointments will appear in both areas, saving you time from going back and forth between the two.

Google Forms

Create a Google Form to start capturing leads right from your website. Data will be stored in both Google Forms as well as the Apptivo’s Leads App. Whenever someone is interested in your product or service, you’ll instantly receive a notification about it.

Choose one…or both

It’s up to you. Install what you need.


  • Share business contacts with those in your domain.
  • Automatically sync contacts from Google to Apptivo.
  • Sync Google Contact groups with Apptivo categories.
  • Import employee data directly from Google.


  • Sync Google Calendar with Apptivo.
  • Schedule tasks in both Google and Apptivo.
  • Instantly access Apptivo from Google Apps.
  • Document sharing within Apptivo.