Apptivo Apps

There are over 50+ apps in total, and these apps are grouped into certain categories. Many apps integrate with one-another, even across categories. The solutions above include several apps from different categories.

List of all Apptivo Apps

Special Apptivo Features

While there are many different features available, there are certain features which either differentiate Apptivo from the competition, integrate with an existing system a customer uses, or have otherwise garner special interest from prospective customers.

  1. Social News Feed
  2. 360 Degree View
  3. IMAP Email Integration
  4. Custom Attributes
  5. Drag & Drop PDF Templates
  6. Developer API
  7. Conversion Flows Between Apps
      1. This is one example, Apptivo contains many of these flows across modules.

Mobile Applications

Access to the mobile application is included with any premium/enterprise account. The mobile application requires the internet, and read/writes all data in real-time. No sync needed. Currently select applications are available, in the future all apps will be available.


  1. Invoices
  2. Main App (Homepage Dashboards + CRM Apps)


  1. Invoices
  2. Main App (Homepage Dashboards + CRM Apps)