What is the createTestimonial Method?

This method creates a new customer testimonial to be stored in Apptivo. This testimonial will be created by passing in values such as customer name, testimonial description, company, website, etc.

Method Definition

@WebMethod(action = "createTestimonial", operationName = "createTestimonial")
public MethodResponse createTestimonial(String siteKey, String accessKey, Testimonial testimonial, List imageDetails)

Expected Response

stdClass Object
[return] => stdClass Object
[company] => Apptivo
[email] => jchinnamuthu@sirahu.com
[images] =>
[jobTitle] => Job Title
[name] => Testimonials Name
[sequenceNumber] => 1
[statusCode] => 1000
[statusMessage] => Success
[testimonial] =>
Testimonials Description
[testimonialImageUrl] => https://testwp.dev.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/orange-150x116.png
[website] => https://www.apptivo.com

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